Journal Entry 14 ( Disturbance )

RE: Subject 11
SECURITY PROTOCOLS  Fulner/Geneva/Kliest
May 22nd, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
Chaos! We have just now restored some order to the clinic, two of my most valued assistants are now dead and irreparable damage has been done in the isolation wing!
Sometime early this morning Subject 11 began experiencing seizures,  petite Mal at first and during one of his lucid speaking episodes (so we have taken to calling them). 
Sedatives were administered by my assistants in my absence but before I could be awakened, the patient broke free from his restraints (How this is possible...the strength needed to rend the metal is unbelievable!) and quite literally tore poor Deitrich limb from limb!

My other assistant, hiding in the far corner witnessed this horrific event but was completely ignored by subject 11... Who then went rampant, attacking the very walls and tables in the isolation chamber! Joachim stayed in that corner the while and stated later that the patient was not moving normally, not humanly. According to Joachim subject 11 would begin to take a step in one direction and then simply appear across the room!
The poor boy must have been hallucinating out of sheer panic!
The one piece of reliable evidence we have to file; the audio recordings. The microphones were luckily not damaged and continued to record the events, only there is a debate of validity between the other scientists and I here.

Subject 11 was clearly speaking in English. 

This event transpired over approximately thirty minutes before the patient calmed somewhat. It was readily apparent that he could have escaped at anytime, however, he seemed more intent on destruction of the room and later covering the walls in writing.
It may take several days to get poor Dietrich's blood removed from there.
Interestingly enough, Subject 11 has transcribed in three languages, quite astonishing for an uneducated metal-smith raised in the countryside.The first was low German, the second was English! The last however... Astounding.. Egyptian hieroglyphics! 
More analysis will be forthcoming as I attempt to decipher these writings and audio samples.
Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101

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