Journal Entry 15 ( Development )

RE: Subject 11
SECURITY PROTOCOLS  Fulner/Geneva/Kliest
May 30th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
This last week has been utter confusion for all of us. Nothing has gone as it should and even the military wing has felt the strain terribly!
Subject 11 simply vanished four nights ago, amid the turmoil of two groups of the other subjects fighting en 'masse with each other. If it can be believed, patient 269 was actually attempting to perform torture or surgery on one of the younger, female patients at the direction of one of the others. My assistants and guards were able to break this up thankfully and restore the patients back to a semblance of order.
It seems the new mixture is a great improvement over the last in that there have been no outright deaths in group 2 as of yet. 
The resulting variables however... astounding.
Some of the patients seem not to respond at all (#2, #9 and #15) to the hydrated Glaxoashen serum, maintaining an almost comatose state throughout the beginning of the second round of trials.  Others have shown remarkable increases in physical attributes; strength, endurance, dexterity...but a systematic lowering of perceived mental capability.
The third and smallest group have begun exhibiting signs of highly increased mental capabilities, even possible telepathic and telekinetic abilities! Some of this last group have lately begun showing a strange ability to predict small events in the future, and claim to know things that are going to happen!
Sadly, while this last group shows the most promise, they also exhibit extreme psychotic and dissociative tendencies that have only increased on a day to day basis.  I fear this last group may have to be euthanized very soon to prevent calamity and the new "Chosen" lottery will have to be implemented.

*{Doctor's note 1.} All patients from group #2 have started showing signs and symptoms of radiation poisoning as well... coughing, dizziness, confusion, sleep loss, etc at an alarming rate. My assistant believes he can produce a stabilizing agent in pill form to remedy this complication.

Subject 11's disappearance has been a complete mystery to all of us here. He showed no signs of escalation like violence and no commotion. His restraints were still in place also, just empty.
One report has come in from a perimeter soldier, of sighting subject 11 in the northeaster wooded sector but this report must be discounted as the soldier was obviously intoxicated at the time. Humans cannot simply "step into and out of shadows" as the young man tried to convey.

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 01010011

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