Journal Entry 13 ( The Lottery-chosen )

RE: Subject 11
SECURITY PROTOCOLS  Fulner/Geneva/Kliest
May 19th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
Concerning the unrest of the local civilians and lack of focused support from the remaining soldiers;  Doctor Kliest has shared an interesting theory with staff today on how we may obtain fresh testing subjects for the improved hydrated serum culture.
According to Kliest's outline, a "lottery", as it may be called will be issued in a week's time in which the winner may opt to undergo the new newer, less virulent version of the serum I developed last December (current statistics stand at 99% fatality rate: only Subject 11 has survived initial exposure).
The ones that are Chosen through this lottery will be given extra food ration stamps for their families along with future lottery immunity for their children if they so desire it. We have all agreed that this is an excellent way to pacify the general populace while choosing new subjects for the next round of trials.

On a side note of interest, the reports from soldiers patrolling the base's perimeter   continue to contain numerous mentions of an extremely tall and emaciated German soldier lurking about the wooded areas to the west and east. No confirmations have been made yet if this soldier is possibly one of the Twelve infantrymen reported AWOL over the last three months but I am certain it is one of them. As of yet it seems no one has gotten close enough to visually identify the man other than his uniform and insignia.

Subject 11 continues to remain in a semi-lucid state, mostly ignoring stimulus and randomly conversing with persons who are not physically present. These events have become increasingly disturbing to anyone present in the room when it occurs, myself included. I attribute these odd sensations of dread and fear to our continued lack of healthy sleeping periods. To succumb to "superstitious" fears at this point would just be ridiculous.

In my closing statement I would like to post an addendum to Kliest's lottery idea: We should also consider allowing the civilians here to choose whether or not to participate in his lottery...thereby insuring full cooperation once they learn of the benefits involved in making the correct choice.

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101


  1. This opens up to some interesting ideas... Ones I'll need to analyze further.

    Find safety,

  2. The Chosen could choose to be predator or prey, hurm? Interesting. Could Victor be simply acting like his captors, kind of like a captive sometimes emulates their captors?

  3. Huh... Another form for Slendy, a soldier. ~Rose