Journal Entry 12 ( Capture )

RE: Subject 11
SECURITY PROTOCOLS  Romero/Geneva/Kliest
May 9th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
The capture of Subject 11 has turned out to be anti-climatic at best. The patient remained free for approximately 7 days after his dramatic escape and departure from the isolation chamber. The situation here has systematically degraded since we made that first strange discovery at the ruins. Thankfully the new supply train has arrived and not only have we received reinforcements to replace the twelve soldiers who have deserted but the upgraded weapons and electrical machinery components as well.

The lack of sleep seems to be affecting even me. The random bouts of severe insomnia that have been taking place among all staff here are growing worse. My 
mind wanders more as of late and rampant paranoia has taken its toll on some of the weaker-minded personnel here.
Just today even, amongst the soldiers there was an incident of Mania as one man attacked a sentry with his bayonet while screaming and laughing hysterically.  This man was subdued but died moments later from self-inflicted evisceration wounds. It is widely speculated that he was actually cutting out his own organs in some kind of autopsy-like ritual before the other guards could get there.
I digress however. Apologies, Yes. Subject 11 was acquired early this morning in the crude cemetery that this backwoods village maintains. Oddly enough the patient was found unconscious and completely unresponsive, lying on the graves of his  wife and daughter. He was also found to be wearing one of our soldier's military grade Filtration masks...
As sentimental as one may find this, the fact that Subject 11 has retained enough memory to do this has severe complications to our program moving forward.
The restraints in the isolation room have been removed and replaced with the newer Iron chain shackles from the supply train. I am contemplating adding a protective, electrified collar shackle to his new restraints so as to better control his outbursts in the future. 
Also, before I forget to mention, the remains of the isolation chamber's door has been  removed and replaced with a newer, metal reinforced door.
Subject 11's testing Proceeds.

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101


  1. I was sorry before for the loss of your wife, Victor. I am sorry again for both her loss and the loss of your daughter.

    It is not right. What happened. It's not right at all.

  2. Victor, if you cannot mend yourself back together then we will. I'm going to protect them, even the ones that do not deserve it. And you, I will protect you from them, from yourself. I'm not going to blame you for not doing anything back then. I'm not going to blame you now even. What matters is putting forth the effort. Forever mourning is no life at all. The grief we all have felt, that you feel now will never fade, only lessen. You don't have to do this all yourself.

    I "cannot see" because you keep leaving out details to help paint the picture fully. I have sketches only. The chance to end it cleanly... Was it ever truly there? How could anything in this be clean when it regards Him. You're never going to stop a bleeding wound by throwing more blood onto it. It doesn't work like that. Fire + Fire only means more of it. These lands all across the world are built on sweat and blood, on determination and dreams. I am seeing your sweat, your blood, I am seeing you trapped in a dream by them, I am seeing determination that does not know where to go.

    You are their puppet as long as you're willing to be, Victor.

  3. Calm down, Victor. What they did to you was wrong, but that is no excuse to kill. HE may have control over one half of me, but the other half remains free. You don't have to listen to HIM. ~Rose