Journal Entry 11 ( Escape )

RE: Subject 11
May 2nd, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
It is almost unbelievable, but patient 11 has escaped from the compound! Roughly 24 hours ago and despite his heavy sedation, Subject 11 somehow ripped himself free from the modified restraints and killed three soldiers on his way out of the fortress here. 
All of the assistants working that shift have corroborated this story before promptly applying for medical leave from their tasks (Not that they will be allowed as much!).
The sheer brutality of the subject's exit overshadows everything else it seems! What strength does it take to rend crafted metal and such thick leather restraints as these? By all available accounts the patient had to have suffered a minimum of five bullet wounds from automatic gunfire, yet showed no sign of pain or of halting his advance into the storm raining down upon our camp!

These events only reinforce my commitment to the hydrolyzed compound we have been experimenting with up until now. In fact, the commander has ordered the release of subjects 9 and 10 (Both highly trained soldiers involved in the earlier GlaxoAshen humane trials) to assist in the hunting parties' efforts to retrieve Subject 11.
I have every confidence that the initial search of the Ruins located at the discovery site will yield the capture of patient 11, whatever his reasons for returning there so violently.

On a side note, another soldier has been reported missing from last night's patrol sweep. Two other soldiers have been detained for their inflammatory remarks concerning strange occurrences involving a tall, emaciated man attacking the patrol during the dark of night.
I must interview these detainees!
Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101

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  1. It is remarkable the strength you had back then. Comparing it to the present I do not know if I could even do such. I'd imagine it would not be three men dead if it were the present. I hope that strength can be applied to your own will. My brutal Victor, so capable, only certain aspects of your potential have been unlocked.

    I look forward to the next entry.