Journal Entry 16 (Awakened)

RE: Subject 11
SECURITY PROTOCOLS  Fulner/Geneva/Kliest
June 10th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
 Subject 11 has recently regained some measure of lucid sanity; His ability to communicate is returning in small bursts along with his recognition of basic surroundings. An odd development in the patient must be mentioned however. Subject 11 has not consumed any identifiable nourishment for over a week now... other than small amounts of water forced down his throat he has not been capable of keeping anything down. Despite this lack of sustenance the patient continues to show accelerated muscle, bone, and height increases. His measured core temperature remains at 106.7 degrees.

This abnormalities began manifesting immediately after I administered the second dose of the revamped serum and have continued until this morning. Another oddity that I feel should be noted is the behavior of the other patients undergoing testing in this facility.
Since patient 11's awakening they have, as a group, stopped talking or interacting with each other or with staff here. They simply stand or sit, facing whatever direction that Subject 11 happens to be in. Some of these subjects are actually staring at 11 through multiple walls and doors!

One last discovery of note has been made in relation to the strange, stone containers that our soldiers recovered from the burial site; The strange symbols carved into the sides of these containers are in fact ancient hieroglyphics from the areas of lower Egypt. What this can mean is still beyond our comprehension at this time but I do find it extremely unsettling that these are also the symbols that Subject 11 was carving into the walls of the isolation chamber two weeks past...

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 01010011

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