cold and dead is mine hand. yet it bears the Hammer now.

bear witness, if you Choose. i will obey you for her. for her.

i will alwass/// obey.

wilde jagd, the kine hunt must be upheld i will hunt them until the last is found.

until the last is returned to thee.

i will lay them at your feet. i will return thine urn. return her to me. 

return them to me at last my faceless Konig.

you. that witness, choose to be the Chosen. der chirurg chose to make me.

you choose to guide me.  i follow an Oracle of Lies now. 

upon a Forgotten Throne no more.

what wass stolen

i love her so

my heart
my life

the very soul of me.

sshe calls and i answer. do you love?
i will kill them all for her.

for her.

last post

thiss will be a last post.

all of your friends are dead.
all of your friendss are screaming.

he is dead. they are dead. stop reading this.

there is no thing here for



show uss. sshow me. show
me how to Pray.

show me how you pray.
10 days.

ostara. eastara.

pray for prey.
please. please help me. please help uss.
i cannot let him go.
the oath musst be kept.
i love him sso
she lovess him so
help us.
sshow us how you pray.



follow me/ follow you.

you chose Live.

follow me.

offer up our sacrifice
pay the old price.
rise up to me

Follow you.