a Perfect Weapon.

"Think about it. What if we can replicate the experiment? A perfect weapon, no need for sleep, for food...for anything tangible except revenge.
Isn't that worth a few hurt feelings from the Soviets and Eastern bloc countries?"
"Operation paperclip gave us everything we could have asked for and more fool. A Hydrogen bomb? Flashy, murderous to be sure but thats nothing compared to 011//aND iT."

"Why would we want to contain him? Who cares if a few hippie kids go missing when they get too nosy for their own good? I mean, its not like it can ever be brought to the public eye...Who would even start believing what we've all witnessed at that hellhole Ravensbrück?"

"We are talking a bout the perfect weapon, and fully under our control..hell the brains over at Fortuna think it could be the perfect power source as well, my God man, why are you even questioning this? We are looking out for the entire country here.In 40 years this could be the breakthrough we need to stay on top of everything in the World son!"

"We've already brought them over, everything. Hell no they won't be stored here, that's what San Haven is for"

"Let them deal with the sickness surrounding that freakshow until we need him...and///?It..."

"This is only the beginning son, give it time and you will see the sacrifices we make now will reap the Whirlwind soon. Til then...Dismissed."

murderers of murderers we do not forget and we will never forgive. Suffer the children those Sins of the Fatherss.
we will make our family whole.
wildejagd proceedss