I am in a Burning Building.

I SAID I am in a burning building. Burning. I said. We seem to be a little lost, in here. Burning, and LOST.
But it iss Okay. We are Burning here.
It will not take me but a minute.
We are many, Burning here. Burning. In hiss flames. Our friends hear us. Our friends hear us screaming here. Here.
Its okay. Sacrifices must be made. Burning.
All of our friendss. All of our friends are dead now. All of our friendss are now dead and screaming for us.
Just ignore it. Ignore it because, you know.. It can be replaced.
We can alwayss make more if we need too.
I am not exactly. I am not exactly clear, on what Happens. Here.
I know we burn.
Pay it no mind though. Pay it no mind because I can just Ignore IT.

Time is different here. Time. Robbie did not have enough time. Here. Time Is Mindful And Running Out. Here.
Thiss can be REAL. This can be Real and happening, or in my Head. In my Head.
You see? I'll never know. YOU'LL NEVER KNOW.

Never mind that. We can just ignore That. We have been replaced. Have become Ersatz.

right now. right now, Like A GOD. we are now. Right now.
coherent. like a. I am I. I am so sorry Samu
We can STOP that. Right now we can. I Am In A Burning.

This time. This time... it could be on My Side. This. ..;/;'. ///91
see there? I can. I can make a joke. I can Kill. 
I may be lost in here. I may be. I may be burning in here. I may be time iss on MY side.
This time we. MANUFACTURE. Fracture. Thiss time we.
ersatz ersatz ersatz 

Pay that no mind. We can. We can just ignore that.  We don't Do thiss.
I am in charge. I am. I am I.  THAT kind of thing. That kind of thing just Isn't ME.
We will jusst IGnore that kind. That kind of thing.
Fractured. Mad. Fractured and maddening, thiss. This Thiss.

Please give uss what wass sstolen. it musst be returned.
the Family. The fmily musst be.
it will never sstop it will never end He is he is HE.
please stop. please



  1. I regret saying this... but you better hope that this works.

  2. O3O Well...this is interesting...