Telling the truth

He did not summon it.
He went to the stones in the forest and took the relics there.
He knew it would come, and he desired as much.

 It was to kill those soldiers there. who caused so much pain to him.
 his wife. his daughter. his family. The doctor took his family
and Victor would take everything from him in return.

The Ashes were the key.
The little German thief took them from Victor and used them on
those Chosen, those patients of hiss. A doctor without mercy.

a plague.

It came for the relics and to kill, but the Ashes were already in their blood.
Too late. Too late to save them. 

The Ashes changed them forever.

The doctor left him there to die, with the remains of his people.
The Angel of Death fled with his infected soldiers and left Victor there
to die alone in the darkness.
It came, and killed them as they ran but it spared Victor from death and made his pact
forever more.

And now he lingers, hollow and empty ...but Victor Obeys.
We all dance to hiss music, it plays forever. He wantss to make his family whole again.

I may die for this but the Truth needs to be told.

Wilde Jagd proceeds. God help us all.