all they see is green. all they say is green.

trichromatic. for the human applications.

can you. see? canyoussee? do yousee?
2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41,
trial division. for a human's application.

yes. come and see. son of kliest come and see what robbie has
to show you.
they have been betrayed, and it is for you shy boy who cannot show his face.
they pay for your sins
they scream and they beg
all they see is green.


  1. I'm watching you, dear. Soon, more shall be. You better be ready for an audience to your performance.

  2. I f you can hear me, the human soul lost in corruption, kill yourself
    i know it sounds terrible but is the only way to escape
    you have to be near a clock, any clock , if you manage to do it
    only then can you escape

  3. i am we are always.
    beyond death. beyond life.
    forever here
    all dead here. all dead and screaming.
    living dead and even you
    not safe never safe it hungers and it comes
    for us all.

  4. y do u do this to them to u who is next victor who will be next to fall in ur game the game of lif is even not as twisted as urs
    so fare gone and crupted u are so gone and crupted

  5. do i kill or do i save?
    everything dies eventually.
    i hear and i obey

  6. This world was built on Entropy...

  7. If this is another choice, I say save.