Journal Entry 8 ( Security Measures )

RE: Subject 11, measures of control etc

April 28th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011

Subject 11 has been removed from general housing and into a fortified isolation chamber as per my advice to the Commander yesterday afternoon. I cannot shake a vague sense of unease however, as my grandmother used to admonish me: a goose walks over my grave!
This patient's response to the GlaxoAsh substance FAR exceeds any other reaction we have seen up to date. It is unfathomable what a discovery we almost missed out on, here in the Deeper parts of the Black Forrest. So strange to think, the very same subject that led us right to the discovery site is the only one to survive, much less proliferate under such exposure.
Future subjects must also be exposed to the hydrated version of the mixture to monitor and perhaps duplicate these results.
Patient 11's keloid scarring and radiation burns have completely healed themselves with no help from modern antibiotics or even sterilization! The constant bleeding from the eyes and other facial orifices seem to be axiomatic in nature and somehow do not affect it's overall health. Samples of this blood all show extremely concentrated GlaxoAsh residue however. High enough levels to effectively contaminate other patients!

I must make a list of questions to go over with this patient if he regains any lucidity. Is his tolerance innate or maybe from constant exposure from visiting the discovery site?

I cannot help but wonder if this patient's violent outbursts of rage and inhuman strength are somehow connected with the hysteria and lunacy of the other patients and even a few of the guards. This is a disturbing idea and measures MUST BE TAKEN to prevent these unknown variables from happening.

Ah. There is the damnable loud alarm bells ringing like Hell's music now! Further analysis will be forthcoming.

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101

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