Journal Entry 9 ( Hallucinations )

RE: Subject 11

April 29th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011

Subject 11 has now been in the isolation chamber for two days roughly. He shows little  interest in his surroundings and has shown no reaction at all to receiving his call sign branding. "Patient#NullEinEin" is a fitting identification code, all things considered.

While showing little reaction to various pain stimuli, the subject does continue to talk, mutter and generally behave as if it is interacting with several separate persons.  This strange behavior could have several different reasons. My speculation on these audio and visual hallucinations ranges from an adverse reaction to the chemical compounds from the strange ash-like compound seized at the discovery site. Another of my colleagues has put forth that 11 has a previous mental illness that is manifesting now due to recent trauma. This is likely valid as it explains also the fits of animalistic fury and HIGHLY increased physical strength, speed, and endurance that accompanies aforementioned incidents.

It is unfortunate that we cannot locate any known relatives or living kin of subject 11 to do further testing on and see if this is indeed hereditary lunacy.  If these damnable brute soldiers had refrained from using their rifles we may have had the opportunity to study the wife of patient 11 at the very least!
*NOTE 1#*
{Find soldiers responsible for this idiocy and put them on the first trials list for the Newer version GlaxoAshen serum}
*NOTE 2#*
{Be sure to reinforce 11's restraint straps with metal brace manacles when they are ready}

On a strange side note of interest, tonight marked the third desertion from among the lower ranked soldiers camped here.  These superstitious fools!  The Commander will have to send out another patrol and waste much needed resources looking for this one!

I must end this, I have just been told 11 is fully awake and actually speaking clearly for the first time. I must get some of audio recorded!

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101

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  1. I would like to hear/see this recording if you don't mind.