CONTROL (Case 1; Patient 11)

Control measure are needed. patient 11 continues to show signs of increased brain functions, motor skill refinement and hostility to his surroundings.

Recommendation: Immediate termination of subject before it regains full control.

Doctor's Statement: "Subject 11 does in fact present a clear and present danger to himself and the facility but I do not support the security recommendation of termination. Subject 11 has shown extreme potential in all applicable areas, physical and otherwise. Terminating the patient now will only set us back another three years. 

Doctor's Recommendation: Immediate isolation from other patients and staff. Restraint and Control measures must be instituted.

DJM, Staffing  /OC/Adv.


  1. I don't even know what to say here... Victor are you "subject 11?" Do you have an exit strategy? Do *they* know where you are? Do you need rescue before *they* find you? Because you know Shady and I will help however we can if you suggest you want our help in any way.

  2. Just what we need a Slederman allied doctor/group...wonderful

  3. @Rev You don't know about Observe and Terminate?

  4. Victor, if you are Subject 11 and you need to get out just say the word. I'm speechless for the most part, you'll have to pardon that, dear. But this is just a slap to the face. It concerns me immensely that if this is you, Subject 11, that you're most likely in grave danger. Not to mention vulnerable. Mystery is right, and whether or not you have a plan to get out we will help you. We want to help you. If you need it let us then, damnit, before you get yourself killed!