Journal Entry 10 ( Believing )

RE: Subject 11

April 30th, 1943 Schluchsee Reservoir, Clinic 011
This is truly an amazing concept! Subject 11 seems to fully believe that it is communicating with several distinct persons...male AND female!
Subject has had multiple, realistic "conversations" revealing strange names and even stranger...the dates! Whoever or whatever he is hallucinating seems to be carrying on quite the imaginary discussion with him. 
These periods of partial lucidity that accompany such occasions have the same residual effect upon some of the other patients and guards as does his fits of rage and madness. 
We must proceed cautiously here! Now that he has been moved away from the more sensitive electrical devices it has been easier to monitor and guard the Patient.

*{Note- Have guards recheck restraints and bring in the new recording instruments!}

As of yet, we have failed to successfully record any video or audio of subject due to some kind of interference in this area.  Stronger machines are being shipped!

Staffing /OC/ Adv. 0101


  1. Strange names and strange dates, eh? Interesting.

  2. Your accounts make me glad my mother's people got out of Germany just before the War. I have no doubts given my family's... anomalies (and probable secret Judaism), we'd have ended up in the same boat as you.

    Still, you should not hate all of mankind for the actions of the Nazis. You weren't the only one they hurt. You aren't the only one who is a victim of their legacy. The only reason I don't hate everyone as you do is because I looked at myself and reasoned there must be others like me... and I found Shady, didn't I? Where there is one, there must be two. Where there are two, there must be four...

  3. Where there are four, there must be more.... ~Rose